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Help save a culture on the verge of extinction!
The Indian Law Resource Center is asking for your help to raise money to protect the rights of the Rapa Nui , who are on the verge of extinction. The Rapa Nui are mounting a major campaign to preserve what is left of their culture and sacred sites -- which includes the world famous stone carvings known as moai.
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Erity Teave -- a member of the Teave, Hau Moana clan of the Rapa Nui Nation -- has worked her entire life towards helping her people realize fundamental rights. Even though many of us live an ocean away from Easter Island , she reminds us that the decades of tragic oppression of her people, by the Chilean government, is something the human family should not allow to continue.

"The human spirit possesses a deep value of solidarity, which allows us to understand and assume a responsibility to the duties of life which are to protect life, the environment and eco-systems," said Teave.

The Center is planning to send our best lawyers to support these efforts free of charge. However, $12,000 is still needed by July 15 to cover meeting and travel expenses. Make a contribution today and help begin a process that will lead to new freedoms and a new life for Erity and the Rapa Nui people.  Please consider a donation today!

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