29 November 2013
The Rt. Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of the Republic of India

Your Excellency,

these 3 paragraphs below are included only to give some background and context to the dire situation we will outline to you below, as we have every confidence that you are not aware - neither would you be involved in any of the criminal activity so rife in Manipur; which more often than not includes members of your own local government officials as your own National Human Rights Commission in India has stated here: Manipur-almost-all-encounters-in-the-state-are-fake-says-nhrc

(The following 3 paragraphs are from the International Rivers on-line petition campaign)
loading... We write to express our grave concern about the unrelenting harassment of human rights defenders in Manipur. On October 2, a well-known environmentalist and rights defender, Mr. Jiten Yumnam, was asked to appear before the police authorities. There were no letters of summon, nor reasons stated as to why Mr. Yumnam was being called in for questioning. A father of a two children aged two and five years, Mr. Yumnam had previously been subjected to electric shocks and arbitrary detention for four months in 2009. Many others are subjected to such trauma.

You will agree that continued monitoring and summoning of human rights defenders by the Manipur police commandos – without any legal sanction and procedures – is a clear human rights violation that is causing continued physical, mental and psychological harassment and disturbance to their families. It is a matter of urgency to take all necessary measures to guarantee that human rights defenders are able to carry out their work without fear of harassment and threat of torture and deprivation of their right to life.

The non-functioning of the Manipur Human Rights Commission, due to non-appointment of its members by the Government of Manipur, makes it extremely difficult to seek justice. This requires an urgent intervention. We stand in solidarity with the human right defenders of Manipur and call for immediate action to prevent further torture and harassment.

International Rivers


Your Excellency,

Presently, as of 29th November 2013 - the exact whereabouts of Mr. Jiten Yumnam are UNKNOWN, and we call on you to order the IMMEDIATE opening of an Investigation into the whereabouts of Mr. Jiten Yumnam and the possible knowledge of Mr. Okram Ibobi Sing (Chief Minister of Manipur) about the sudden 'disappearance' of Mr. Yumnam.

Unconfirmed rumours have reached us in the Grand Council of Chiefs that senior Police Officers in Manipur have received instructions from 'higher authorities' who have received large sums of money as payment to 'solve the problem of Mr. Yumnam' from those who stand to benefit financially from the Mega-Projects that Mr. Yumnam has been peacefully protesting - by 'getting rid of him permanently'. As far as we are concerned - the Government of India will be deemed responsible (by us) for the disappearance and/or death of our brother Jiten Yumnam - and we will publicise the unverified information WE have received implicating several senior Manipur Government Officials in this soon to be completed (if you do nothing to stop it) heinous crime in progress.

There is STILL time for YOU, Mr. Prime Minister, to ACT by picking up the phone and calling your subordinate Chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Sing, as the information we just received - is that Jiten is still alive at present in an unknown location - and has not been murdered by those under the employ of your own authorities (unknown to you) as yet...YOU can stop it from occurring now and save your government the worldwide embarrassment and shame which we and our International Indigenous Media allies intend to launch if our brothers life is not saved as soon as possible - by the simple act of you letting the powers that be (whom are ALL legally under your supreme authority) - know that you are aware of his unjust persecution - and order it to cease immediately.

Damon Gerard Corrie
Founder & President
Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations

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