An example of the artful deceit of states in the Indigenous rights arena

The average naive person would read the attached fax which is the wording these states use in public to make the vast majority of persons who do NOT know their true intentions - 'feel all warm and fuzzy inside' in the mistaken belief that these governments really want only what's best for their 'beloved Amerindian populations'.

I have heard secretly recorded statements made in private meetings (by our sympathizers and allies) among the OAS member states by some of the 'cowboys' (I recognize their voices from hearing their endless lies to us Indigenous delegates in the working sessions) who represent the northern ringleaders of this Hemisphere, saying barefacedly and I quote "Indigenous Peoples are not equal to everybody else and they cannot be allowed to have the same rights as everyone else", yet they come to us before we start each working session and flatter us with lies such as "We are glad to see our Indigenous brothers once again and we look forward to working with you all in the spirit of friendship and equality for a just resolution to all our concerns".

We all know these state representatives are full of crap, but unlike them we go because we openly and honestly are trying to achieve a more equitable future for all of our Indigenous peoples, but these 'perfidious suits' on the other hand smile in our faces and stab us in our backs at every opportunity they get. The conquest begun by Columbus has not yet ended - and neither has our resistance to it.

If you believe what these states say in their 'Public Relations propaganda' you must also think that the terms 'honest lawyer' and 'military intelligence' are not oxymorons. Those with eyes to see will see, and those with ears to hear will hear.

Damon Gerard Corrie
Founder/President of the
Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations



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