Coat of Arms HARPY EAGLE - Most powerful bird of prey on Earth and sacred messenger of the Great Holy Spirit and supreme Totemic animal for the people of the Confederacy. It's likeness can only be used on correspondence by sitting members of the Religious Council - who are all chosen by the Sovereign Chief. Only the spirits of great Amerindian leaders or holy men are allowed to inhabit the bodies of Harpy Eagles .

RED CIRCLE - The colour of life and the Amerindian peoples, the circular shape also represents the power that moves in circular form - the Earth, Sun, Moon and other planets and stars; the seasons...even life itself (childhood - adulthood - childhood again) in circular in nature.

JAGUARS - Totemic animal of the warriors, protectors of the people; only the spirits of warriors who give their lives in defence of their people are allowed to inhabit the bodies Jaguars. TOBACCO - the 3 leaves represent this holiest of all plants for Amerindians, it must only be burned or smoked in prayer; abuse of it will bring death upon the transgressor.

CROSS - Represents the four sacred directions - East, South, West and North, and our acceptance of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the book of Revelation (the rest of the Bible we do not consider to be as important) and the incorporation of his teachings into our traditional animist religions.

CORN, CASSAVA & POTATO - The 3 sacred staple crops that we Amerindians gave to the world - the abandoning of any of which from our diets will bring ill health upon the trangressor.

ANACONDA - The mightiest of all serpents on Earth, for us it represents the inescapable presence of evil in human existence and the never-ending quest of all the people of the Confederacy to uphold the ideals of Solidarity, loyalty and liberty among ourselves - and at all costs - in spite of it."

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