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The US$100 per person per night fee in non-refundable from 72 hours prior to tour commencement till date of tour expiry - and is all inclusive (unless otherwise stipulated) from your arrival at the International Airport in Guyana, Dominica, Cuba or Panama - on the day adventure tour starts, to return to same on date of adventure conclusion.

Persons flying directly to either Guyana, Dominica, Cuba or Panama count arrival date as adventure commencement date (unless otherwise requested) - and departure date as adventure conclusion date (unless otherwise requested).

Fee includes the services of Guides and Attendants (as we deem necessary) for the duration of your adventure.

Minimum stay is 4 days (3 nights), maximum 28 days.

Bookings and full payment MUST be made AT LEAST 14 DAYS PRIOR to your tour commencement date, Groups of 6 or more must pay a 25% deposit 28 days prior to tour commencement date and remit remaining 75% by the 14 day deadline.

Cancellations prior to the 14 day deadline are subject to a 10% penalty of the total quoted cost of your tour.

Cancellations upon the 14 day deadline or up to 72 hours prior to tour commencement date are subject to 25% penalty of the total quoted cost of your tour.

All foreign payments must be made in US dollars in the form of Pay Pal or Bank wire transfers.


Amerindian languages are unique to the majority of Amerindian Tribal Nations that inhabit Amazonia, and each language is for the most part unrelated to any other on earth. But there is no need for you to worry, our guides are all either bilingual or multilingual; and communication is never a problem.


Travel with personal toiletries and only whatever else can be comfortably carried in a back-pack (preferably water resistant). Military style clothing is strictly prohibited in Barbados and Dominica.


The best hours for excursions are the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the afternoon. They provide more agreeable temperatures, the best views, and the most spectacular gathering of animals. It is always highly recommended to use binoculars.

A good repellant is indispensable to protect yourself from mosquitoes, even though you cannot do anything to keep chiggers away. When you visit places which are their usual habitats, bathe immediately upon returning to camp and do not use the same clothing without washing it first.

Long sleeved cotton shirts and full length cargo pants/BDU type trousers protect against insects, leeches, thorn scratches and the harsh rays of the sun. Get dark-coloured cothing (such as green or brown) it will blend in with the forest background better. Bring a pair of sunglasses, a bottle of SPF 20 (or higher) sunscreen, a green or brown broad-rimmed hat (it will give you better protection from the tropical sun), and a sturdy campers/army type green/brown water bottle - it will be important to drink a lot. A strong back-pack, dark coloured & waterproof - is the best way to carry your gear, and lightweight hiking boots will dry a lot faster than heavy leather ones.

Check with your guide beforehand about the safety of swimming in certain rivers and streams. The majority are inhabited by dangerous piranha, sting rays, and electric eels.

Never wander away from your guides at any time for the entire duration of your adventure. We have never lost a client and we don't want you to be the first!

When observing and/or photographig wildlife, avoid disturbing or frightening birds and other animals, since abandoning their nests leaves them exposed to the sun and to attacks by predators.

Respect the culture and customs of the inhabitants of the region.

Never leave trash behind in places visited; always adopt the norm of leaving a place better than you found it.

Never cut trees to make fires, and take special care when you light matches or dispose of cigarettes - to avoid starting wildfires.

On all excursions avoid desturbing unnecessarily the vegetation, nests, broods, and burrows of animals such as armadillos, rodents, lapwings, etc.

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