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Karla and Kaje Backer
Karla and Kaje Backer Pakuri overnight,
July 2006

Karla and Kaje Backer
Karla and Kaje Backer flooded forest walk,
July 2006

David Dorgan from the UK, 22 year old Law student & World Traveller during his August 4 - 11th 2000 Guyana Arawak Culture & Nature tour.

Brian & Namcy
Brian (left) and Nancy Cullity (right) standing at the mouth of the curious Canaima-Yeng natural stone formation - legendary site of many gruesome sacrifices of arawak and Akawaio captives during Guyana's notorious inter-tribal wars which did not end until the late 1800's.

Earl Berg from California (age 21 in 2000) at Mahaica river, Pakuri Arawak Territory.

A snapshot of one of our tents & hand-made Arawak dug-out canoes at our campsite on the beautiful Wisibini stream on Pakuri territory.

Gordon Phillip
Gordon Phillip from Scotland (age 39 in 2001) at the foot of Great Falls rapids (dry season); November 4 - 16th Guyana tour.

Eric Chu
Eric Chu at Kaiteur Falls,
April 2006

Eric Chu
Eric Chu with 2 Arawak girls on Pakuri,
April 2006

Nancy Cullity with a friendly juvenile parrot believed to be a sub-species of the Brown-Throated Conure (Aratinga pertinax), on Pakuri Arawak Territory.


At center is 21 year old Earl Berg of California - our youngest adventurer thus far (and first solo) on his way back from Great Falls rapids in Guyana during his June 2000 GUYANA, Arawak Culture & Nature Tour.

Brian Cullity of Massachusettes USA - savouring the moment as he had just startled a Spectacled Caiman (Caiman c. crocodylus) which dived into the pool directly in front of him (not visible in photo) and caused some excitement among the group (no-one was expecting to find a Caiman 20 feet above river level in a cascading stream on the upper Demerara river, Guyana.

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