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Nancy Lewis Cullity
June 17, 1955 - May 25, 2002




In the Eco-tours business operators dream of people like Brian and Nancy Cullity, for these are those rare gems of humanity who meet you as visitors and leave you as friends - remaining forever genuinely interested in the lives of the native peoples they knew for just a short time in some exotic land far away.
The then 9 member family (now 11) of Arawak guide Berthram Andrews had a new home thanks to Brian and Nancy - who heard of the fire that took every worldly possession they owned prior to the Cullity's visit to Guyana in 2001, as soon as they got back to Massachusettes USA they sent the US$400 needed to rebuild the home; the Andrews are now in yet another house in a new 50 building housing scheme built on Pakuri Arawak Territory through the tireless efforts of yet another deceased kindhearted lady by the name of Bibi Andrews (the current (2007) Chief Pierre Andrews is her second son and is the youngest ever in the history of Pakuri Arawak Territory). The Andrews will never forget Nancy & Brian and are eternally grateful.
I longed to welcome Brian and Nancy back into our homes & communities for they are the kind of folks you KNOW did not cross your path in this life by chance, some of the best advice I ever received was supplied by Brian and Nancy to me, some of the best jokes, and sincerest instant friendships I have ever experienced.
The Cullity's were the first white people to ever see the Human sacrifice Canaima Yeng stone Temple lost in the rainforest of central Guyana (and live to tell about it), and I had hopes of taking them to other wonders unknown to outsiders in our remote wilderness areas....I had no idea that Nancy carried the terrible secret of her limited time on God's green earth with her - she exuded such a love for life when she was with us.
It was with a heavy heart that I received the news from Brian of Nancy's passing, myself, my family, and my people...grieve for the loss of a dear friend and for the deep sorrow we know Brian is enduring, but Nancy did not wish to leave this life without once again extending her warm embrace to the Eagle Clan Arawaks - bequeathing a US$2,000 gift to be used for the benefit of the community of Pakuri, to be dispensed by me - in my capacity as the inheritor of the 400 year- old traditional (and nowadays only ceremonial) hereditary Chieftaincy of the Clan. It is an honour, and a great privilege to have met my brother and friend Brian and his wife Nancy Lewis Cullity - the Angel who walked among us.
Dear friends,

I had many hiccups and delays in putting Nancy's bequeathment to full & good use, reservation elections put some folks into office who were very lethargic in providing the green light that I requested, but there is a new and pro-active administration in office on Pakuri now (2007) so I have begun once again to put Nancy's gift to good use, unfortunately the VHS tapes are now obsolete and I will have to replace all with DVD's. Chief David Simon signed the 'Nancy Lewis Cullity Act' see the bottom of the First Nations Vacations homepage where you clicked on the link to get here to the In memoriam page).

Here is the financial breakdown from US$2,000.00: -US$150.00 ($1,850.00 left): (including shipping to Barbados) was spent to obtain the following VHS titles in the collection - but which are now obsolete (the tapes got fungus & had to be discarded):
1. Native American Indians (2 part series)
2. Apache - Geronimo on the warpath (2 part series)
3. At play in the fields of our lord (2 part series)
4. Son of the morning star (2 part series)
5. 1492 Conquest of Paradise (2 part series)
6. Mission
7. Geronimo
8. Dances with wolves
9. Spirit of the Jaguar

-US$150.00 ($1,700.00 left):
was spent by me at the Museum for the American Indian in Washington DC in December 2006 to purchase Kevin costners award winning 5 disc documentary '500 Nations' and 2 posters of Amerindian heroes (Sitting Bull & Red Cloud) - which will be the first replacement purchase for the now under construction Amerindian DVD and Book Library on Pakuri - I hope to be completed by May 25th 2008 (the 6th anniversary of Nancy's death).

-$200.00 ($1,500.00 left):
50 titles for the Nancy Cullity Library (for books) were transported to Guyana and are on Pakuri Reservation (Brian Cullity can verify this as he was shown the books in the storage suitcases), 40 of these were donated by me representing my entire decade old collection of post-columbian literature; and 10 were new titles purchased at a cost of US$200.00 (including shipping to Barbados).

-$100.00 ($1,400.00 left):
The galvanised sheets for the roof of the Nancy Cullity book & DVD library was also purchased in December 2002 for only US$100.00.

-$100.00 ($1,300.00 left):
A Tortoise captive-breeding pen WAS created on Pakuri to help save the 2 Tortoise species in Guyana which are under severe pressure from overhunting for food & the pet trade by Guyanese of all ethnic groups, but NO-ONE besides Mark Johnson of Foster Parrots in the USA (who donated $20.00) ever contributed, so the project failed and thieves stole the tortoises which were probably butchered for food - as the 'savages' who kill them for food hack their shells open with machetes as the poor defenceles animals are still alive. I have seen one take 20 blows before the shell was removed from it's still living body (must be like someone peeling the skin off a human while the victim is still alive) enough to start cutting his limbs off...he took about 10 minutes to die.

-$400.00 ($900.00 left):
Was used to purchase a Sony Handy Cam DCR-DVD108 plus the kit so documentaries can be made on Pakuri - as for several years we have wanted to do this but not had the apparatus needed, it will be used to promote eco-tourism to Pakuri as well.

-$150.00 ($750.00 left):
Was used in August 2007 to build a Tarantula captive-breeding shed on Pakuri Arawak Territory which will captive-breed local species for the export pet trade and will employ (both full & part time) several local villagers once it gets going full capacity in early 2008.

-$250.00 ($500.00 left):
Was used in October 2007 to commence work on the LONG AWAITED Amerindian DVD & Book Library on Pakuri Arawak Territory, and it will be officially opened to the public on May 25th 2008 on the 6th anniversary of Nancy Lewis Cullity's death. The remaining $500 will be used to furnish the interior and paint the exterior, made signage etc.

As more is done you will be notified via this page.

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